About Me

The Short Attention Span Bio

I have 13 years of experience in graphic and web design and real-world work skills that one doesn’t acquire by playing on the Internet in a cubicle all day. I love the freedom of freelance and consulting work, but I’m ready to step up to a more stable income and work environment. Also, I’m getting married this fall and I could really use a pay-grade bump. Check out my whole portfolio and I dare you not to want me, nay NEED me to join your team.

The Long Form Bio

I am a thirty year-old West Lafayette, Indiana native and I’m willing to move almost anywhere for a rewarding career opportunity. Basically, I earn a living as a pixel-pushing, webmonkey, or graphic and web designer to a layman. I’ve dabbled in other industries over the years, but my calling exists in the world of Photoshop, text editors and web browsers.

In 1998 I parlayed my love for computers into the Computer Science program at Purdue, and could not have been more miserable. Over the summer, the program had chosen to switch from C, to Java and nobody knew what was going on, least of all the horribly unprepared foreign-speaking TA’s that they had apparently coerced into taking on this suicide mission. I hated it, and was horrified at the thought of spending years hunched over a computer pulling out my hair and hacking code.

As it turns out, I understand programming logic, and can write pseudo-code and flow-charts – I just don’t like to program. As it turns out, I prefer using computer applications, rather than writing them. So I switched to Computer Graphics Technology…and spent years hunched over a computer pushing pixels and hacking markup. Finding the program slow and monotonous, I taught myself advanced Photoshop and HTML techniques. This led to me starting a design company called 89 Visions with my friend in Norfolk, Virginia. Soon we moved into hosting when I figured out I could generate additional income by renting a remote server and reselling space.

Eventually, I took a job with a competing firm called Triple E Consulting, while simultaneously working as a manager at a popular bar. Two years later, I made the move to retail home improvement with the promise that eventually I could get an IT job at the company headquarters in Wisconsin. I was quickly promoted to Load Builder – a semi-independent position that rolls three jobs from three different departments, into one title. I was a forklift operator, personal shopper and salesman all at once. The job was highly stressful, and I excelled at it for three years. Last summer I went back to work full-time for another consulting firm.

In 2009, I was recruited to join a consulting firm called UR IT GUYS. The owner had fallen backwards into a job repairing computers and handling general technology related handiwork for friends and family. His business was expanding and he began to get more inquiries about websites than he could handle. I was referred to him through an odd happenstance, and I was working for UR IT GUYS in my spare time almost immediately. I am currently working on a handful of projects but I’m always looking for more opportunities. Go ahead, give me a shot!

Thank you for reading this self-indulgent wall of text.

-Jared Taylor May, 9th 2011